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EDD:Where is my Check?

Starshine started this conversation

How to access it by phone for all Californian's

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Bunny Mama
I cannot get thru to anyone to tell me when i will recieve my payment next,need info and Money ASAP
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Unbelievable. They only do debit cards now. They did not bother to mention that when I signed up or in their literature that I saw. They said it was an option or I could receive checks or have an auto-deposit. But actually they only do debit cards. So they say my card will arrive RSN. Thanks for nothing EDD and freaking government.
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Finally get through to a human and spend an hour listening to elevator music. WTF do we pay for this crap being taxed for half of everything we earn when we are working?
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I am tired of being sent to the same EDD numbers and no one will answer, if I can find a human at all, what happened to my checks that I did not receive. This is really ticking me off.
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The Christmas Cat   in reply to p300
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P 300 I didn't pay rent this month because I haven't get my check
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francisco 27
can u check on my unemployment check havent recive it been two or more weeks still got to pay rent ?
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atcor   in reply to saul o cardenas
The problem is due to a new payment process upgrade that they`re having trouble with. As of oct 11, they`ve said they have taken care of most of the problem but people are still not getting their payments. No one cab get through to a representative on the phone or on the edd website. It should be resolved soon though. Go to for updates etc.
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saul o cardenas   in reply to saul o cardenas
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saul o cardenas   in reply to saul o cardenas
MY NAME SAUL O CARDENAS 09/ 15/ 13 . MY NUM IS 209 233 9011,
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saul o cardenas
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saul o cardenas
i want to know where is my check, i need paid my rent ,
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Califronia Dreaming
I believe that I still have some EDD monies that have not been paid. Please check on this for me. I have heard nothing from EDD for 3+ weeks. It is impossible to reach anyone via phone at EDD. Thanks for your help with this.
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ive been recieving unemployment since may 2013. i started school august 13 and they cut my money off and said i neede a phone interview. after my interview i got my money later that day, but nothing since then not even the form i need to sene in.......and off course, i cant even get through on the phone! has anyone had this problem?
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rafiki   in reply to Granddaddy
Try 619-525-4995, they actually answer after a few trys. Good luck
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My UI benefits are always late. You can't talk to anyone about your problem because the reps straight lie to your face, and when you correct them, they get rude. I had one lady hang up in my face because I explained I am in dire straits. I have been told so many lies why my money is not here, I'm starting to get nervous. This not knowing when you will be paid is bull and has got to stop!!! I NEED MY GREEN! Has anyone gotten through! We all need some HELP retrieving OUR MONEY!
Any solutions or answers?
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trying to get a hold by phone to a human that works for edd? you have a better chance of being struck by lightning twice in the same day.
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I sent my claim paper work out sept 1 also .have got nothing....I know other people who get beni's as well .they had to wait ten days or more but they got it.edd is doing something w there system, should be in by Friday,fingers crossed.
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I called in my info...its been 3weeks!!I have been patiently waiting,but the bills WON'T WAIT!!!
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Chapis   in reply to martona
I mailed my form on sep 1 2013 and i have not receipt my check =(
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